Sound Production in Bollywood Movies

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sound Production in Bollywood Movies is rarely recorded in places. So the sound is usually created (or recreated) entirely in the studio with the actors to recite his lines while their images appear on screen studio, and the subsequent introduction of sound effects in a process known as ADR. This process creates several problems, as the sound of these films usually occurs a frame or two before the lip movements and gestures. Also the actors have to work twice, once in place and another in the studio, and so the level reached at the place becomes very difficult to rebuild. Commercial Indian films are also known for their lack of ambient sound.

The ubiquity of ADR in Bollywood cinema became prevalent in the early 1960s with the arrival of the Arriflex 3 camera, which required a cover to muffle the noise produced by the camera. Since Indian film-makers were very concerned with the speed, never bothered to cover the camera, so due to the excessive noise produced by the camera that implied that all the sound work had to be done in the studio. Once this procedure has become standard in Indian films.

This trend was interrupted in 2001 after a hiatus of 30 years, with the film Lagaan, in which the actor and producer Aamir Khan INIST that the sound was done on the spot. This opened a lively debate about the economic viability of producing the sound and then place it in many Bollywood films started to produce the sound on the spot.
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